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Do you want to see yourself prosper in the real estate investment business? then a real estate investment coach is right for you. Get the best real estate investment courses today and see yourself prosper. 
Our dedicated agents will help you succeed in the investment field. with 24 hr full support we never fail you. Ask any questions on real estate investment and our agents will provide you with the answers that you need. 

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About Us

Residency zone is a platform that offers real estate investment courses for real estate investors who have just ventured into the field or are already in the field. Our experienced agents guide you on ways through which you can get good income by investing in real estate wisely. our experienced agents advice you on the best real estate properties that they see promising based on your location. sign up for our courses today and see yourself growing.

We offer the best features for our customers. You can market your real estate that you have just bought all of it here at residencyzone. market your real estate with us today. 

With residency zone you can be assured that you will grow. our well dedicated agents will help you grow. sign up for our courses today and see your success journey be amazing with us 

You don’t need to sign up for our courses for you to market your real estate properties with us.  Advertise your real estate properties today for free and have customers flocking your property.

Hot properties this week


California LA st 10

sale $23,000,000

Modern eight story structure offers a contemporary mixed-use building with 207 one, two and three bedroom apartments.

3 Bed   |   3 Bath   |   1 Kitchen   |  2600 Sq Ft



rent $20,000/ month

Best apartments with good lighting suitable for startups entusiasts

5 Bed   |   4 Bath   |   2 Kitchen   |  9320 Sq Ft


james crib

San fransisco bay area


A perfect getaway after a long day at work in the bay area. 

6 Bed   |   5 Bath   |   3 Kitchen   |  4300 Sq Ft

Hot properties this week


Escada Apartments

San Diego, CA 92101

From $1,875/month

All new and ready for rental

3 Bed   |   3 Bath   |   1 Kitchen   |  2600 Sq Ft


marshian escape mansion

Beverly hills 5 blocks main road


A perfect mansion to think about exploring the Mars. You cannot imagine who your neighbor is. Share ideas with Elon musk on how to explore mars in 2025 

5 Bed   |   4 Bath   |   2 Kitchen   |  9320 Sq Ft


Shenzen thanos street


Hacker room with high speed internet connection. Have it your way

6 Bed   |   5 Bath   |   3 Kitchen   |  4300 Sq Ft

Our Agents

Dominic Nyambane

Head of the management team

It’s time to be like the rest or even the best in the real estate field !

Everybody is succeeding  in the real estate sector, then why not you?. The biggest secret as to why many real estate tycoons like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet succeeded, is  because of having the best real estate coaches who guided them in their journey to success. And that is why you should choose us as your guider through our courses. 

We offer the best real estate investment courses that will help you grow and be an expert like investing tycoon Warren Buffet and the rest. 

you can sign up for our courses by clicking on the link below. Take your real estate investment to the next level with us.

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Our real estate coaches are well dedicated to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services. We ensure our clients get the growth they are seeking for.

Clients only pay for our services only after they are satisfied with our courses. 

For all we do, we help plant a seed of growth in our customers
Dominic Nyambane
Marketing Agent

What our happy clients Say

The services offered by you guys are quite great. the knowledge i got from you guys is quite remarkable. your courses have helped me prosper. am now seeing my dreams come true. thanks a lot to the dedicated agents in the team
Richard Gregory
real estate investor
Residency zone has been a great advisor in my journey as a real estate investor. without them i could not have gotten this far.
Gary jefferson
Real Estate Investor
I signed up for the courses offered by residency zone. i was surprised by the knowledge i got from them on how to venture into real estate investment. Through them i have been able to grow in the real estate investment field
Mary Santiago
Real Estate Investor


Residency zone aims at being the number one place real estate investors opt for, for them to grow in the real estate investment sector.

To promote real estate investment business and to be the number one real estate advisors


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